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Welcome To AK Comics


I also buy Hotwheels and other toys. Action figures, etc.

Hi, my name is David, and I own AK Comics. The "AK" stands for my kids first names, and yes, it does annoy them when friends at school ask them about their "dad's store". :) I started my store because I'm a huge comics and toy geek. They say you should try to sell what you know, and I know comics. No, I'm not the type of person who has encyclopedic knowledge in my head on the history of comics. But I do know a couple things.

Come in, have a chat, discuss what you're reading. I read ALOT of books, so I might know what you're talking about. Of course, if I don't know, I blame old age and cannot be held responsible. :)
I also see a ton of movies. Not only comic book related ones, so maybe we can chat about that. Don't worry, I'm not shy about my opinion. ;) Fyi, if I like a movie and you don't, then you're wrong :) Hey, it's my store, my opinion rules ;)
Also, I read actual books too. You know, those things made out of paper that have covers on them and contain words that tell a story. I might have 4 books on my tablet. Also, I have ZERO digital comic books. I like to have an actual item in my hand, something I can keep and enjoy over and over, even if my battery is dead. :-/

Oh, and if anyone can explain to me how Marvel can make so many movies, and D.C., which is owned by a MOVIE COMPANY (Warners Brothers) can barely get ONE movie out a year, please let me know.
(I'm talking live action, not animated, they're usually 2 different divisions in a company) But 2 movies this year? Things are looking up for DC. I'm so glad that Warner Brothers finally got smart and hired Geoff Johns in a managerial position to get these movies made right. Now let's just hope the suits stay out of his way and let him get stuff done. :)

Batmn v Superman (why you can't add in an "s" in the title is beyond my comprehension, but whatever) I liked the movie. Was it perfect, no, but it was better than all the haters out there are saying. As feared, Eisenberg as Luthor sucked. But, in his defense, the director and writer are the ones who decided to portray him that way, so let's place blame where it belongs. Henry Cavill as Superman, still awesome. Ben Affleck as Batman, nailed it. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Like I said before, she's a little short to be an amazon, but I do like how they angled the shots to make her appear taller.  She did a great job. :)
First preview for the Wonder Woman movie looks awesome. Have been a fan of Chris (capn kirk) Pine for a while now, and the fight scene involving WW in that first preview looked fantastic.
And wait...what the what?!?! Did DC actually have 2 movies come out this year?? Holy Crap!! 
Suicide Squad!! Ok, I really enjoyed this movie. I mean, it has Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, and those shorts she was wearing could barely be called shorts, so yeah, thumbs up on that casting. :) My gripes...the guy who played Rick Flagg, I didn't really get the vibe that he was "the ultimate American soldier". And Cara Delevingne, ok as the Enchantress, but she looks waaay too young to be "doctor" of anything.
Who didn't see Slipknot dying? Everyone else has an intro but him. "The man who can climb anything"....really? He has what, one of Batman's guns and can climb "anything"? Maybe Batman should use that line now. ;)

Hmmm, wasn't there another company that put out a super-hero movie this year?? Oh yeah, Marvel!!
Captain America, Civil War!! Great movie. They finally nailed Spiderman. Teenager in high school, genius, HUGE smart-ass that never stops talking. Oh, and the hottest Aunt May ever. I never really understood why May was always depicted as being so old in the comics. 
And still coming up this year, Doctor Strange. I'm a big fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, so I'm really looking forward to this one. :)
Fantastic Four. I'll be honest, I was NOT going to see this movie. But it wasn't that bad. But, this movie lost a TON of money, can we please stop recycling the same story about a sequel???

One of my favorite "super-hero" movies came out last year...DEADPOOL!!! Loved this movie!! Great job Ryan Reynolds, thanks for fighting so long to get this made. :)
Now we just need a great R-Rated Punisher movie, and we'll have it made.
This is the benefit of different studios having the rights to other characters. There is NO WAY disney would have made an R-Rated Deadpool.
Xmen, Apocalypse. I liked the movie, mostly because I like seeing new characters introduced, but all in all, the movie was just ok. So the first movie of this franchise was in 1962. This movie was set in 1980's. 20 years have passed, but NO ONE looks 20 years older...NO ONE!!! What the heck guys

I haven't updated this page in a while, so I would be remiss in not mentioning my favorite movie of last year....Star Wars, The Force Awakens!!!
 This movie was awesome, it captured the feeling and nostalgia of the original trilogy. This movie was just plain fun. Sure, it had a couple of repetitive themes from the original "New Hope", but so what. To all you people out there who whined about the movie, stop. You are in the minority. The movie made over a BILLION dollars, just in the box office. Hush up now and go away. :P
Btw, to ALL of you people who think that Greedo shot first, again, you're WRONG. I saw the movie in the theatre when it was new (yes, I'm old as hell), Han shot first. Deal with it and move on.

Let's all take a moment to thank George Lucas for selling LucasFilm and Star Wars to a company that actually made the franchise fun again. THANKS GEORGE!!!! Now, let's also ask George to take his FOUR BILLION DOLLARS and STFU. Quit your whining. No, Disney did not use your ideas. Guess what happened because of that decision. Disney made a movie that was fun again. A movie that the fans actually wanted to see, over and over again. Yes, George, you created this fantastic universe where so many of us grew up in and got to play in. Thank you. :) now shhh

Now let's talk about TV. I'm loving the Walking Dead. But Fear the Walking Dead?? Very few likeable characters on that show. It seems to me that most people in CA are stupid, and the underlying message of the show is this...if you go to Mexico, you lose your freakin shit. Everyone lost their damn mind. And why are they spending so much time on the damn drug addict dude??
We have Gotham..damn good show. And the Flash...probably my favorite show on TV right now. Supergirl. Awesome show. I love how she's always so happy to meet a new hero. Just a fun show. Now in season 2 Superman gets a face... sweeet

Yeah, it's nice that you might be able to save a couple bucks by buying through an online store, good for you. But you know when you come in looking for a comic book, one that you didn't order through them, or a certain Magic card or a couple of boosters? You see how convenient it is to have a local store? Well, this local store won't be here for much longer if you people don't stop supporting the economy in other neighborhoods instead of this neighborhood.
Putting soapbox away

At AK Comics, I carry a wide selection of new & old comics, from DC, Marvel, Image, IDW, Top Cow, Aspen, Boom, DE & many others.  I have a minimum of 10 boxes of quarter comics at any time, and lots of back issues from the last few years.  I buy comic collections from the 1970's & earlier, but any collection will be looked at.

All new comics & books are 10% off.  I have a subscription service available.  All subscribers get 15% off their books.  There is no service fee for ordering out of stock items that are still available.

Everybody always gets a free comic book.

Role Playing
ALL roleplaying game books are ordered on request. I usually get them within a week.  These are also 10% off.

I have a large selection of carded Super-hero Action figures, Star Wars figures & vehicles from the early 90's to Now.  I carry Hotwheels, Treasure Hunts, and I have a small selection of vintage Star Wars figures.

Magic: The Gathering
I have held weekly Magic tournaments in the past. Unfortunately, over the last couple years weekly tournament attendance has evaporated. I'm open to holding sanctioned and non-sanctioned tournaments. If interested, just contact me and we can arrange something.

Pre-order a booster box of the soon to be coming out Magic release at big savings.  Normal pricing for Magic packs is $3.50 EA.  $13.50 for intro packs. I recently had someone come in and buy ALL my MTG singles. The only singles I have right now are from the current set, starting with Eldritch Moon. I'm still buying Magic singles and holding tournaments.



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