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Welcome To AK Comics


I also buy Hotwheels and other toys. Action figures, etc.

Hi, my name is David, and I own AK Comics. The "AK" stands for my kids first names, and yes, it does annoy them when friends at school ask them about their "dad's store". :) I started my store because I'm a huge comics and toy geek. They say you should try to sell what you know, and I know comics. No, I'm not the type of person who has encyclopedic knowledge in my head on the history of comics. But I do know a couple things.

Come in, have a chat, discuss what you're reading. I read ALOT of books, so I might know what you're talking about. Of course, if I don't know, I blame old age and cannot be held responsible. :)
I also see a ton of movies. Not only comic book related ones, so maybe we can chat about that. Don't worry, I'm not shy about my opinion. ;)

Oh, and if anyone can explain to me how Marvel can make so many movies, and D.C., which is owned by a MOVIE COMPANY (Warners Brothers) can barely get ONE movie out a year, please let me know.
(I'm talking live action, not animated, they're usually 2 different divisions in a company)

Man of Steel was AWESOME!!! Thankfully WarnerBrothers isn't rushing the sequel. Why it's Batman vs Superman and not Superman vs Batman, I have no clue. I like the casting for the movie (for the most part). I'm not too enthused about Jesse Eisenberg as Lex, but I guess we'll wait and see. Gal Gadot is beautiful, but, for Wonder Woman she's a little short. The actress who plays Bobbi Morse (mockingbird on Shield) would have been perfect for Wonder Woman.

Of course we can't forget to mention a company that can actually get more than 1 super-hero movie out in a year. Marvel!!
Guardians of the Galaxy!!!! Damn, Marvel has done it again...Great movie
Avengers 2, Ultron. Loved it. Only one problem I have with it. Ultron's mouth was way too articulated. Yes, he's a sentient robot, but he's still metal, and metal doesn't move that way. I know, I know, "You don't have a problem with a Norse God, but you have a problem with that" If you disagree, go talk about it on your webpage. :)
Captain America 2, Winter Soldier. Awesome!!!!
Antman. I will go see any movie Marvel puts out. As long as they stick with their winning formula, should be great.
Really happy that Marvel reached an agreement to use Spidey. The plans they've mentioned sound good.
Fantastic Four. I'll be honest, I was NOT going to see this movie. After hearing all the info coming out about it, I had no interest. Especially after the director said he wasn't basing the movie on the comics, just the script. Then call it something else. I also don't care for an actor or 2. But, after seeing the preview, it looks pretty good.

And let me check, how many DC super-hero movies will be out this year....hmmm...hold on, counting...that plus this, minus that one and we have....NONE!!!! Gee, what a shocker. Way to commit Warner Brothers...sheesh

Thank god the Mayans were full of crap cause I can't wait for...................................STAR WARS 7!!!!!!
I don't have a problem with Disney buying Star Wars. Let's just hope they can keep George off the set. Yes George, you created an awesome universe, but you do a disservice to your legions of fans when you disregard all the literature that's come out when making your movies. You need to step back and ask for, and then ACCEPT, help when writing these things.
I, for one, expect to see the big 3 back in SW7. They've all come out and said they want to do it. What I hope happens....Han and Leia married with kids and grandkids. Luke (and Mara maybe) also with kids and grandkids. Luke has already restarted the Jedi academy. He's obviously the master, Leia is also a master as are some of the kids. All teaching the newest recruits. Man I hope it's great.

Now let's talk about TV. I'm loving the Walking Dead.
We have Gotham..damn good show. And the Flash...probably my favorite show on TV right now.

Yeah, it's nice that you might be able to save a couple bucks by buying through an online store, good for you. But you know when you come in looking for a comic book that you didn't order it through them, or a certain Magic card or a couple of boosters? You see how convenient it is to have a local store? Well, this local store won't be here for much longer if you people don't stop supporting the economy in other neighborhoods instead of this neighborhood.
Putting soapbox away

At AK Comics, I carry a wide selection of new & old comics, from DC, Marvel, Image, IDW, Top Cow, Aspen, Boom, DE & many others.  I have a minimum of 10 boxes of quarter comics at any time, and lots of back issues from the last few years.  I buy comic collections from the 1970's & earlier, but any collection will be looked at.

All new comics & books are 10% off.  I have a subscription service available.  All subscribers get 15% off their books.  There is no service fee for ordering out of stock items that are still available.

Everybody always gets a free comic book.

Role Playing
I have a limited number of D&D and other gaming books on hand.  Most books that are not in-store can be ordered and usually received within a week (sometimes within 2 days), if they are in stock at my distributor. These are also 10% off.

I have a large selection of carded Super-hero Action figures, Star Wars figures & vehicles from the early 90's to Now.  I carry Hotwheels, Treasure Hunts, and a small selection of beanie babies.

Recently I've been holding a new type of card tournament. It's called UFS, Ultimate Fighting System It uses characters from different platforms and combines them to fight each other. The latest release was Neomax. The next 2 upcoming ones are Darkstalkers and Megaman. The next tournament is Sunday January 26 at 11am. If you want to come and watch and learn how to play, I can have someone show you the ropes.

Magic: The Gathering
I have held weekly Magic tournaments in the past. Unfortunately, over the last couple years weekly tournament attendance has evaporated. I'm open to holding sanctioned and non-sanctioned tournaments. If interested, just contact me and we can arrange something.

Pre-order a new box of Magic card releases at great savings.  Normal pricing for Magic packs is $3.50 EA.  $11 for intro packs.  Many single Magic cards are available for sale.



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