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Welcome To AK Comics


I also buy Hotwheels and other toys. Action figures, etc.

Hi, my name is David, and I own AK Comics. The "AK" stands for my kids first names, and yes, it does annoy them when friends at school ask them about their "dad's store". :) I started my store because I'm a huge comics and toy geek. They say you should try to sell what you know, and I know comics. No, I'm not the type of person who has encyclopedic knowledge in my head on the history of comics. But I do know a couple things.

Come in, have a chat, discuss what you're reading. I read ALOT of books, so I might know what you're talking about. Of course, if I don't know, I blame old age and cannot be held responsible. :)
I also see a ton of movies. Not only comic book related ones, so maybe we can chat about that. Don't worry, I'm not shy about my opinion. ;) Fyi, if I like a movie and you don't, then you're wrong :) Hey, it's my store, my opinion rules ;)
Also, I read actual books too. You know, those things made out of paper that have covers on them and contain words that tell a story. I might have 4 books on my tablet. Also, I have ZERO digital comic books. I like to have an actual item in my hand, something I can keep and enjoy over and over, even if my battery is dead. :-/

Oh, and if anyone can explain to me how Marvel can make so many movies, and D.C., which is owned by a MOVIE COMPANY (Warners Brothers) can barely get ONE movie out a year, please let me know.
(I'm talking live action, not animated, they're usually 2 different divisions in a company) But 2 movies this year? Things are looking up for DC. I'm so glad that Warner Brothers finally got smart and hired Geoff Johns in a managerial position to get these movies made right. Now let's just hope the suits stay out of his way and let him get stuff done. :)

First off, this year is my 17th Anniversary!!! WHOO-HOO!!!! 

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated this. I’ve been sooo busy, I just haven’t had a chance. (yeah, that’s a lie, I’m lazy and haven’t felt like it) What amazes me is how many people have commented to me that they’ve actually read my ramblings. Trust me, no one is more surprised than I am. J I can’t even get my kids to listen to me for this long.

I’ve also had some people (well “some” is more like “a few”, ok, ok, ONE person, one, stop nagging me!!) tell me that I also needed to update my movie reviews. So without further ado, we have to start this off why a journey to a galaxy far, far away….(btw, there WILL be spoilers)

Star Wars, The Last Jedi. Overall, I liked the movie. The scene with Luke sucking the teat of the alien was just weird. What’s funny about doing a movie review, you usually remember the parts you didn’t like more clearly. For instance, why was Luke such a nasty a-hole? There was no reason for it. I felt the writer wasn’t true to who Luke was as a character. He’d already overcome so many obstacles, and then he just gave up and became a hermit? Blah

My daughter and I have an agreement that we can’t see a Star Wars movie the first time unless we see it together (my son betrayed me when Force Awakens came out and saw it first with friends, he’s now disowned…thinking of changing the name to K Comics)

Can we PLEASE stop showing so many damn trailers?!?! Every movie does it nowadays, but Disney/ Marvel really seems to have a problem with it.

Thor, Ragnarok. So much fun. I loved Hulk and Thor together. J

Antman & Wasp. Fun movie.  Great action scenes with the flying and size changing on the move. J

Justice League.  I know there’s a lot of DC movie haters out there, but I really liked this movie. It was great seeing all these guys together. Aquaman was great “That dude isn’t right!” Superman coming back, grabbing Batman and saying “Do you bleed?” Awesome J I liked the Flash, “You guys are all ready to do battle, but I’ve never done battle. I’ve just pushed people and run away” Why couldn’t they get the movement of Flash better? His “running” looked terrible, he looked like he was figure skating. Also, how did he run off to save civilians before Sups was fighting, only to not find any until AFTER Superman showed up to help him? He’s so fast, he should have been done and looking for more.

Ready Player One.I really liked this movie. My advice, if you haven’t read the book, don’t. See the movie first and then read the book. I think if you read the book first, the movie wouldn’t be as satisfying to you. Luckily, I waited until after I saw it to read it. That way I enjoyed both equally. The cool thing about the movie was all the kid flashback scenes for me. I remember playing Adventure, and I remember finding the dot and going to the first “easter egg”. I didn’t see what the big deal was at the time, it was just some guys name. It was a bit of a disappointment at the time. J

Aquaman.  Loved this movie. Jason Mamoa is great as Arthur. My only gripe is the inconsistency with Justice League. In Justice League, Arthur and Mera meet IN Atlantis. In Aquaman, they “meet” for the first time, and Arthur states he’s never been to Atlantis before. Now, you could explain this away saying this happened before Justice League, but in Aquaman, he references helping say the world with the league.

Shazam.  What a fun movie. I liked how Freddie was “testing” Shazam’s powers without always telling him what he was testing him for. JI was pleasantly surprised to see the entire Marvel family make an appearance. And yes, Shazam’s name is actually Captain Marvel. He had that name LONG before Marvel started using it. That’s why Marvel named their character Mar-Vell. Speaking of which…

Captain Marvel. Another Marvel hit. I thought it was a solid movie. Not the strongest movie Marvel has made so far, but still good and entertaining.

Dark Phoenix.Technically not made by Marvel, but still a Marvel Comics movie. I thought it was a good popcorn movie. I was entertained for 2 hours. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m glad this was the last movie of the Xmen not being made by Marvel. I really enjoyed the last 3 movies, but the 1st one took place is 1962. Why is it after 30+ years, no one has aged? The only one who could have gotten away with that was Mystique. 

Avengers, Infinity War. Wow, this movie was great. Just to be clear, the entire ending was Starlord’s fault.

Avengers, End Game. Another great movie. I loved this. Seeing all the heroes fighting together, Falcon saying “Cap, on your left”, Spiderman finally getting his hug from Tony. Tony’s death scene. Just awesome. But, time travel in a movie will ALWAYS leave way too many plot holes. Time travel, bad. DON”T DO IT!!! Oh, and I was NOT a fan of fat-Thor. They also seemed to have dumbed him down for this movie. It annoyed me. Here’s a battle-hardened warrior who falls apart after personal tragedy? I didn’t care for it.

Spiderman, Far From Home.  So, Spidey has always been one of my favorites (along with Superman) and I really enjoyed this movie. He was in way over his head with the elemental creatures and he got his butt handed to him, as he should have. I like how MJ “67%” figured out Pete was Spidey. I was surprised with the credit scene with his i.d. revealed, and was thrilled with JJJ being back. JK Simmons is perfect in the role. J


Btw, to ALL of you people who think that Greedo shot first, again, you're WRONG. I saw the movie in the theatre when it was new (yes, I'm old as hell), Han shot first. Deal with it and move on.

Let's all take a moment to thank George Lucas for selling LucasFilm and Star Wars to a company that actually made the franchise fun again. THANKS GEORGE!!!! Now, let's also ask George to take his FOUR BILLION DOLLARS and STFU. Quit your whining. No, Disney did not use your ideas. Guess what happened because of that decision. Disney made a movie that was fun again. A movie that the fans actually wanted to see, over and over again. Yes, George, you created this fantastic universe where so many of us grew up in and got to play in. Thank you. :) now shhh

Now let's talk about TV. I'm loving the Walking Dead. But Fear the Walking Dead?? Very few likeable characters on that show. It seems to me that most people in CA are stupid, and the underlying message of the show is this...if you go to Mexico, you lose your freakin shit. Everyone lost their damn mind. And why are they spending so much time on the damn drug addict dude??
Still enjoying Gotham, but just barely. Bruce is already going to be a masked vigilante? Really? C'mon
Supergirl and Flash  are still a couple of my favorite shows.
Legends of Tomorrow,  I want to drop this show, but I keep getting sucked back into it.
Agents of Shield, kind of the same.. Keep watching just to keep watching.

Yeah, it's nice that you might be able to save a couple bucks by buying through an online store, good for you. But you know when you come in looking for a comic book, one that you didn't order through them, or a certain Magic card or a couple of boosters? You see how convenient it is to have a local store? Well, this local store won't be here for much longer if you people don't stop supporting the economy in other neighborhoods instead of this neighborhood.
Putting soapbox away

At AK Comics, I carry a wide selection of new & old comics, from DC, Marvel, Image, IDW, Top Cow, Aspen, Boom, DE & many others.  I have a minimum of 10 boxes of quarter comics at any time, and lots of back issues from the last few years.  I buy comic collections from the 1970's & earlier, but any collection will be looked at.

All new comics & books are 10% off.  I have a subscription service available.  All subscribers get 15% off their books.  There is no service fee for ordering out of stock items that are still available.

Everybody always gets a free comic book.

Role Playing
ALL roleplaying game books are ordered on request. I usually get them within a week.  These are also 10% off.

I have a large selection of carded Super-hero Action figures, Star Wars figures & vehicles from the early 90's to Now.  I carry Hotwheels, Treasure Hunts, and I have a small selection of vintage Star Wars figures.

Magic: The Gathering
I have held weekly Magic tournaments in the past. Unfortunately, over the last couple years weekly tournament attendance has evaporated. I'm open to holding sanctioned and non-sanctioned tournaments. If interested, just contact me and we can arrange something.